Immigrant Entrepreneurs have an Overlooked but Significant Impact

Business Week Online, in The Impact of Immigrant Entrepreneurs by Kerry Miller, cites recent studies showing the critical role that skilled immigrants play in the economy, but notes that those immigrant entrepreneurs and their economic impact often are overlooked.  Immigrant-founded companies include Google, Yahoo!, and eBay.

On Feb. 6 the Center for an Urban Future, a New York City think tank, said that immigrant entrepreneurs are overlooked contributors to cities’ economies, and that more businesses are being started by foreign-born than native-born entrepreneurs in major cities.  BW points out that “the entrepreneurial spirit of immigrants is a well-documented phenomenon—immigrants have been more likely to be self-employed than native-born residents in every U.S. census since 1880.”  1880, not 1980 — truly a long term trend.

Many foreign-born entrepreneurs often achieve success on their own, without access to the help of formal business services, according to BW.  It doesn’t need to be that way, especially for legal services.

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