Legal Advice to Venture-Backed Startups & Companies

Your company is a funded startup.  Congratulations.  Now you face the challenge of growing the business quickly enough to reach the next milestone, while minimizing your cash burn rate.  Your company could revolutionize the market, if you can just get your products and services out the door while coping with all sorts of new problems, including novel legal issues.  Further, your company may be short on resources in its early stages, but an ill-considered deal could severely impair its prospects later.

We can help.  Harry Boadwee has advised many startup companies both before and after they are funded.  He knows how to get deals done even when you are long on potential but short on negotiating leverage.  He also has a wealth of experience in supporting launches of never-been-seen-before software products and web services; he’ll work to understand your business model and technology and find creative solutions.