Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide information for startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs?

Yes, please see my:

Do you support international businesses?

Yes. I have worked on transactions for clients in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Feel free to Contact Us.

Can you file my patent application?

No, unfortunately.  I am not a registered patent attorney and do not prosecute patent applications.  However, I do advise on patent licenses and other contracts that deal with patents.

Can you help me with a dispute or lawsuit?

No, I focus on technology contracts and deals.  I do not advise on disputes, lawsuits or litigation.

How do I hire you as my lawyer?

The best approach is to contact me on my “Contact Us” web form.  (Please do not send any confidential or sensitive information.) You may also call at (408) 253-6100 to discuss your situation.

Before accepting a new client, I generally need to know the names of any potentially adverse parties (e.g., persons or companies that you are negotiating with).  I must first complete a conflicts of interest check to verify that I do not represent those persons or companies. If I am able to represent you and accept you as a client, you will need to enter into a written engagement agreement with my office. NO USE OF THIS WEB SITE, OR EMAIL OR ANY UNSOLICITED SUBMISSION OF INFORMATION TO THE BOADWEE LAW OFFICE, WILL CREATE AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP WITH THE BOADWEE LAW OFFICE.  See the other Terms of Use.

What do you charge?

I typically charge an hourly rate, plus reimbursement of expenses (such as governmental filing fees).  I offer certain services (such as formation of California corporations or limited liability companies) on a flat fee basis.

How do I contact you? What’s your address?

Please see Contact Us or the “Contact Us” form on this website.