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10 Tips for Bringing Your Business to the Web

Starting up a business, or entering a new market channel, is never easy.  Starting a business on the World Wide Web (the web), or moving an existing “offline” business there, requires not only effort and risk, but also demands new knowledge and skills.  These tips should help reduce your risk in bringing a business to… Continue Reading

Basic Tools for Dealmakers – Part 2 of 2

Continued from Part 1 You can use an Escrow to ensure the payment of money or delivery of property (such as source code of software) based on future conditions. The escrow agent, which may be a title agent, an escrow company or even your attorney, is the third party that holds money or property for… Continue Reading

Basic Tools for Dealmakers – Part 1 of 2

As a dealmaker, you have several tools at your disposal. They are often applied reactively as a deal progresses. If you survey your toolkit in advance, and apply the right tool to the right business need, you will close better deals, more quickly. Here are some helpful tools to keep close at hand. They are… Continue Reading

Welcome to California: A Very Short Introduction to Several California Laws that Affect Out-of-State and Foreign Businesses

California is a leader in new trends and lifestyles, and a world leader in developing and commercializing new technologies. Also, however, California often “goes its own way” when developing laws and regulations. Here are just a few of the quirks of California law that I raise most often with my clients both outside (and inside)… Continue Reading

Accelerators Begin to Replace Incubators

The Deal posts an interesting story on how accelerators such as Y Combinator have replaced incubators for early stage funding of internet technology startups…. Continue Reading

Data Scraping from Web Services

This month’s Wired magazine has a perceptive article about so-called "data scraping" or "screen scraping" practices.  It discusses the practical aspects of data scraping (such as IP address banning or blocking as a practical remedy to prevent scraping), use of cease and desist letters, and use of properly-licensed web services application programming interfaces (API’s) as… Continue Reading

Silicon Valley Micro-Cultures and Industry Clusters

A New York Times article describes where the "niche neighborhoods" and industry clusters are located in Silicon Valley, with web design and online advertising centered in San Francisco, software in the Palo Alto area, and semiconductors, disk drives and and network equipment located in the south Bay near San Jose. No mention of Cupertino, where… Continue Reading

Consultants to Help Startups Expand Abroad

Generally, when a small U.S. client tells me that they wish to expand abroad, I think to myself, "that’s going to be complicated, time-consuming and expensive." Recognizing the opportunities and challenges of globalization facing startups and other small businesses, the Wall Street Journal reports that consultants, such as High Street Partners of Annapolis, Maryland, now… Continue Reading

Business Tips for Providers of User-generated Content

Web sites and other online services containing content submitted by users (also known as user-generated content) are obviously a hot growth area. Not so obvious is the fact that these services depend on a little-known statute to protect their providers from legal liability for copyright infringement.  That statute is Section 512 of the Digital Millennium… Continue Reading

Short Introduction to Several California Laws that Affect Out-of-State and Foreign Businesses

I’ve just written and added a new article to my web site, Welcome to California: A Very Short Introduction to Several California Laws that Affect Out-of-State and Foreign Businesses (MS Word file). My resources page contains other articles that I’ve written…. Continue Reading