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10 Tips for Bringing Your Business to the Web

Starting up a business, or entering a new market channel, is never easy.  Starting a business on the World Wide Web (the web), or moving an existing “offline” business there, requires not only effort and risk, but also demands new knowledge and skills.  These tips should help reduce your risk in bringing a business to… Continue Reading

Participant Agreements for User Research & Usability Studies

I’ve just written a sidebar article about participant agreements for user research and usability studies.  It will be included in the book The Art and Craft of User Research Interviewing: Diving Deep for Insight by Steve Portigal to be published by Rosenfeld Media in 2012. Steve has also posted my sidebar on the blog for… Continue Reading

An Amazingly Critical Software Program for Super-Sized Datasets

How much would you pay for this software program: It determines what 300 million Yahoo users see each month, and helps Yahoo customize its home page content. Facebook uses it to manage 40 billion stored photographs. Microsoft changed its internal policies so that its team could develop on this software The software is Hadoop, named… Continue Reading

Lifting the Lid on Open Source Hardware

Clive Thompson describes how an Italian group applied open source principles to hardware for the Arduino microcontroller circuit board, a device that can monitor and respond to sensors, control small motors and the like.  Over 50,000 units have been sold worldwide since mass production began. This is NOT open source software that runs inside of… Continue Reading

Using an API versus Open Source

Many businesses don’t consider the benefits of an Application Programming Interface (API) to generate attention for their software or web services, gain backing of other companies and even lower their own customer support costs.  I often raise this approach with clients since I advised Intuit on setting up its Intuit Developer Network program a few… Continue Reading

Data Scraping from Web Services

This month’s Wired magazine has a perceptive article about so-called "data scraping" or "screen scraping" practices.  It discusses the practical aspects of data scraping (such as IP address banning or blocking as a practical remedy to prevent scraping), use of cease and desist letters, and use of properly-licensed web services application programming interfaces (API’s) as… Continue Reading

Open source compliance provider Black Duck receives additional financing

Black Duck Software, a provider of open source compliance software, has just closed a new round of financing, according to  Black Duck’s products are used to locate open source code used in a company’s software. Douglas Levin, president and CEO of Black Duck, said in the article, "We have crossed the point at which… Continue Reading

Hybrid Software Business Models

Knowledge@Wharton has an interesting perspective on new softwawre business models, in Why Software Business Models of the Future Probably Won’t Come in a Box. Kartik Hosanagar, an operations and information management professor at Wharton, believes that "a hybrid business model — consisting of parts of traditional licensing, on-demand, ad supported and even open source" will… Continue Reading