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How to Become a Trusted Legal Advisor to Business Executives

Anne Kerwin Payne, an excellent legal recruiter whom I’ve known for years, asked several high-profile female General Counsel (GC’s) for their advice to junior attorneys who want to become a GC someday.

Catherine Valentine, the GC of Logitech, responded with these useful tips on the best path to becoming a GC.  I worked for Catherine for many years when she was the GC of Intuit.  I know first-hand that her advice is extremely valuable for any lawyer who wants to become a trusted advisor to business executives.

Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of my Law Firm

It’s the fifth anniversary of the Boadwee Law Office! I am truly thankful for the wonderful clients, colleagues and friends who’ve made these 5 years a success. Please celebrate with me by getting a free electronic (ebook) copy of my book, Protect Your Business with Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Lawyer Wikis

A colleague of mine, Joel Riff of Riff & Bui, sent me the article Lawyers Collaborate with Wikis from Wikis are online collaboration tools that enable multiple users to post articles and to edit one another’s postings.  The most famous example is Wikipedia, an online Wiki-based encyclopedia that news reports say is now larger than proprietaryContinue Reading

Second Anniversary of the Boadwee Law Office

The Boadwee Law Office celebrates its second anniversary!  The following press release was issued today:  Boadwee Law Office Celebrates Second Anniversary in Cupertino Firm Advises on Internet, Software and Technology Contracts For Innovative Companies and Individuals CUPERTINO, California, February 12, 2007 – The Boadwee Law Office, a business law firm in Cupertino, California, completed its secondContinue Reading