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How to Battle a (Patent) Troll

This month’s California Lawyer magazine has a simple and clear explanation of the latest strategies by and against patent trolls. In basic terms, “patent trolls” are entities that own patents but do not use them in their businesses, and instead make money by licensing them and bringing lawsuits against companies who will not buy a… Continue Reading

Major Patent Holding Company Now Demanding Large Fees and Expanding in Asia

Intellectual Ventures, the patent holding company started by the former CTO of Microsoft, Nathan Myhrvold,  has begun obtaining payments from licensees in the $200 million to $400 million range, according to a recent front-page Wall Street Journal article (Tech Guru Riles the Industry by Seeking Huge Patent Fees, by Amol Sharma and Don Clark, September… Continue Reading

Size of the Intangible Economy

How large is the intangible economy in the U.S.? U.S. businesses invest about $1 trillion in intellectual property and other intangible assets, according to a study by the Federal Reserve Board.  That’s as much as they invest in equipment and other tangible investments. Intangible assets, including intellectual property, constitute nearly 1/3 of the value of… Continue Reading

IP Investment Houses – Corporate Dealmaker’s Top 5 discusses the "Big 5" intellectual property investment houses: Intellectual Ventures (led by former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myrvold), Acacia Technologies Group, the Ocean Tomo Capital Fund, Altitude Capital and the Deutsche Bank Patent Fund…. Continue Reading

IP Bankers, Exchanges & Others – an Overview

Intellectual property (such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, and domain names, or “IP”) is becoming recognized as a new and separate asset class.  At the same time, a new group of intermediaries and brokers has emerged to facilitate deals.  Most of these companies focus on patents, because that’s where the money is, thanks to a series… Continue Reading