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10 Tips for Bringing Your Business to the Web

Starting up a business, or entering a new market channel, is never easy.  Starting a business on the World Wide Web (the web), or moving an existing “offline” business there, requires not only effort and risk, but also demands new knowledge and skills.  These tips should help reduce your risk in bringing a business to… Continue Reading

Facebook agrees to 20-Year Privacy Settlement with FTC

In a release today, the U.S. FTC announced that “Facebook has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it deceived consumers by telling them they could keep their information on Facebook private, and then repeatedly allowing it to be shared and made public. The proposed settlement requires Facebook to take several steps to make… Continue Reading

Enter the Hyperwrap Agreement: A New Page in Online Contracts

Software and internet contracts for years have been created by means of “shrinkwrap,” “clickwrap” and even “browsewrap” agreements (although the enforceability of “browsewrap” agreements is somewhat doubtful). Two recent cases from Illinois courts now recognize a type of contract called a “hyperwrap” agreement.  For the business implications, you can scroll to the bottom of this… Continue Reading

Annual Legal Checkup for Web Sites and Services

With the new year, you should review your web sites and offerings to see if they need any updates on the legal side. Consider this 6 point list.  These are the most common updates I see, not a complete list.  Your business may need more. Updating the site’s copyright notice to include the new year,… Continue Reading

New wiki directory of Fortune 500 blogs and twitter accounts

Search Engine Land uncovers on a new wiki containing a directory of blogs and twitter accounts used by Fortune 500 companies. The Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki is located here.  It began as collaborative project between Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine and Ross Mayfield of Socialtext…. Continue Reading

Using an API versus Open Source

Many businesses don’t consider the benefits of an Application Programming Interface (API) to generate attention for their software or web services, gain backing of other companies and even lower their own customer support costs.  I often raise this approach with clients since I advised Intuit on setting up its Intuit Developer Network program a few… Continue Reading

Accelerators Begin to Replace Incubators

The Deal posts an interesting story on how accelerators such as Y Combinator have replaced incubators for early stage funding of internet technology startups…. Continue Reading

Data Scraping from Web Services

This month’s Wired magazine has a perceptive article about so-called "data scraping" or "screen scraping" practices.  It discusses the practical aspects of data scraping (such as IP address banning or blocking as a practical remedy to prevent scraping), use of cease and desist letters, and use of properly-licensed web services application programming interfaces (API’s) as… Continue Reading

Business Tips for Providers of User-generated Content

Web sites and other online services containing content submitted by users (also known as user-generated content) are obviously a hot growth area. Not so obvious is the fact that these services depend on a little-known statute to protect their providers from legal liability for copyright infringement.  That statute is Section 512 of the Digital Millennium… Continue Reading

Virtual Worlds Compared

TechCrunch posted a useful chart comparing all the existing virtual world services, such as Second Life…. Continue Reading