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10 Tips for Bringing Your Business to the Web

Starting up a business, or entering a new market channel, is never easy.  Starting a business on the World Wide Web (the web), or moving an existing “offline” business there, requires not only effort and risk, but also demands new knowledge and skills.  These tips should help reduce your risk in bringing a business to… Continue Reading

Ecommerce Glossary

Practical Ecommerce magazine has an online glossary of ecommerce terms: Practical eCommerce Glossary It offers a good selection of ecommerce blogs, too…. Continue Reading

A to Z Legal Issues for Ecommerce Websites

Here’s a good feature article on, which gives the “A to Z” of legal issues to consider for ecommerce websites. It’s an amusing overview really, and isn’t intended as comprehensive…. Continue Reading

Consultants to Help Startups Expand Abroad

Generally, when a small U.S. client tells me that they wish to expand abroad, I think to myself, "that’s going to be complicated, time-consuming and expensive." Recognizing the opportunities and challenges of globalization facing startups and other small businesses, the Wall Street Journal reports that consultants, such as High Street Partners of Annapolis, Maryland, now… Continue Reading

Viacom versus Google/YouTube complaint available online

If you want to dig deeper, or "enjoy" reading legal briefs, Viacom’s complaint against Google/YouTube described in the previous post is available online…. Continue Reading

User-generated content at risk from Viacom lawsuit against YouTube

User-generated content took the Internet by storm last year – even as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2006.  This content includes postings on forums, photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube, and all sorts of media on MySpace and other social networking web sites.  It’s a new outlet for millions of web users who want… Continue Reading