Monthly Archives: October 2008

New Development in Location Privacy

This Washington Post article discusses a federal district court ruling last month, which apparently is the first to hold that the government must obtain a warrant based on probable cause of criminal activity before seeking location-based cell phone records.

According to an update to the article, two other district court rulings previously found that the government may obtain the data on a standard lower than probable cause.

The article goes on to say that the ruling could begin to establish the standard for such requests.

Ecommerce Glossary

Practical Ecommerce magazine has an online glossary of ecommerce terms: Practical eCommerce Glossary It offers a good selection of ecommerce blogs, too.

Using an API versus Open Source

Many businesses don’t consider the benefits of an Application Programming Interface (API) to generate attention for their software or web services, gain backing of other companies and even lower their own customer support costs.  I often raise this approach with clients since I advised Intuit on setting up its Intuit Developer Network program a fewContinue Reading

Major Patent Holding Company Now Demanding Large Fees and Expanding in Asia

Intellectual Ventures, the patent holding company started by the former CTO of Microsoft, Nathan Myhrvold,  has begun obtaining payments from licensees in the $200 million to $400 million range, according to a recent front-page Wall Street Journal article (Tech Guru Riles the Industry by Seeking Huge Patent Fees, by Amol Sharma and Don Clark, SeptemberContinue Reading