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Entrepreneurial Surge and Rise of the Part-Time Entrepreneur

Fortune Small Business reports that “we are in the midst of the largest entrepreneurial surge this country has ever seen. According to Small Business Administration projections, nearly 672,000 new companies with employees were created in 2005. That is the biggest business birthrate in U.S. history: 30,000 more startups than in 2004, and 12% more than at the… Continue Reading

IP Investment Houses – Corporate Dealmaker’s Top 5 discusses the "Big 5" intellectual property investment houses: Intellectual Ventures (led by former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myrvold), Acacia Technologies Group, the Ocean Tomo Capital Fund, Altitude Capital and the Deutsche Bank Patent Fund…. Continue Reading

Marketer Bitten by Creative Commons License?

Marketing guru Seth Godin, author of The Bootstrapper’s Bible: How to Start and Build a Business With a Great Idea and (Almost) No Money and many others about marketing and blogging, published an ebook titled Everyone’s an Expert (About Something): The Search for Meaning Online. The title page of the ebook says that "Copyright holder is licensing this… Continue Reading

Immigrant Entrepreneurs have an Overlooked but Significant Impact

Business Week Online, in The Impact of Immigrant Entrepreneurs by Kerry Miller, cites recent studies showing the critical role that skilled immigrants play in the economy, but notes that those immigrant entrepreneurs and their economic impact often are overlooked.  Immigrant-founded companies include Google, Yahoo!, and eBay. On Feb. 6 the Center for an Urban Future, a… Continue Reading

How to Draft a Specification or Requirements Document for a Contract

Many licenses and independent contractor agreements require a technical specification or requirements document describing the software or web service that one party must deliver to the other.Specifications and requirements are the standard to determine whether the developer has met its obligations, and therefore will be paid.They’re obviously critical. For major software or internet projects, the… Continue Reading

Open source compliance provider Black Duck receives additional financing

Black Duck Software, a provider of open source compliance software, has just closed a new round of financing, according to  Black Duck’s products are used to locate open source code used in a company’s software. Douglas Levin, president and CEO of Black Duck, said in the article, "We have crossed the point at which… Continue Reading

IP Bankers, Exchanges & Others – an Overview

Intellectual property (such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, and domain names, or “IP”) is becoming recognized as a new and separate asset class.  At the same time, a new group of intermediaries and brokers has emerged to facilitate deals.  Most of these companies focus on patents, because that’s where the money is, thanks to a series… Continue Reading

Second Anniversary of the Boadwee Law Office

The Boadwee Law Office celebrates its second anniversary!  The following press release was issued today:  Boadwee Law Office Celebrates Second Anniversary in Cupertino Firm Advises on Internet, Software and Technology Contracts For Innovative Companies and Individuals CUPERTINO, California, February 12, 2007 – The Boadwee Law Office, a business law firm in Cupertino, California, completed its second… Continue Reading

Hybrid Software Business Models

Knowledge@Wharton has an interesting perspective on new softwawre business models, in Why Software Business Models of the Future Probably Won’t Come in a Box. Kartik Hosanagar, an operations and information management professor at Wharton, believes that "a hybrid business model — consisting of parts of traditional licensing, on-demand, ad supported and even open source" will… Continue Reading

New Book on Information Security Law

A fellow lawyer in Cupertino, Stephen Wu, has co-authored a recently published book on information security law.  The book is named Information Security: A Legal, Business and Technical Handbook, by Kimberly Kiefer, Stephen Wu, Ben Wilson, and Randy Sabett. According to the American Bar Association (ABA), the book "provides fundamental information on how to assess… Continue Reading